Proposal for transforming elegant things interactive with a different line of business.
  • Measuring home conditions

    Measure temperature, humidity, and light ratio with dedicated sensors.

  • Managing home appliances

    Manage home appliances like lamps, fans, and AC, with smart actuators.

  • Controlling home access

    This system compares the identification attributes to grant/reject access.

Smart engery monitoring
To track live potential consumption in real-hour for single or multiple devices.
  • Smart metering system

    Smart metering systems eradicates all inaccuracies and thus saves cost.

  • Preset conditions based maintenance

    Increase energy generation, transmission, and distribution.

  • Distribution of energy

    Predict the peak/down times to sustain consistent delivery of energy.

Smart asset monitoring
Get an integrated view of your assets and their performances with our best IoT devices for asset management and tracking.
  • Track assets

    Perform indoor/outdoor real-time tracking to increase asset visibility.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Measure KPIs to ensure uninterrupted production.

  • Make your assets smart

    Improve supply chain management with RFID sensors and tags.

Smart fleet monitoring
With our smart fleet management solution, fleet owners can monitor their vehicles in real-time.
  • Real-time fleet visibility

    Track fleet, obtain speed/idling real-time feedback, and many more.

  • Track the entire fleet

    Track your entire fleet with geofencing and real-time cargo monitoring.

  • Accurate ETA predictions

    Accurate predictions with streamlined routes and detailed location data.

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